light transmission +50%

The best way to deal with condensation in greenhouses!


The product is non-toxic and does not have any effect on the plants during processing, however, it is recommended to cover the crops in place with a plastic sheet or polythene film during processing for greater safety. Particular attention should be paid to the flower crops.

Droplet accumulation of condensation under the roof of the greenhouse

is the cause of a number of serious problems, such as:

the occurrence of fungus diseases (late blight, blossom blight, etc.), a significant decrease in light transmission, which slows down the plants’ development, complicates the pollination process.

These factors tend to loss of harvest per season about 20%!

  • Prevents dripping
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  • Improves light flow
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  • Saving on heating

- innovative, effective means for protection against condensation accumulation in greenhouse complexes with polycarbonate, film, and glass coatings


of the harvest per season!

The benefits of using the SUNMAX in greenhouses:

Prevents the droplet accumulation of excess condensate up to 90%

which helps to maintain optimal humidity and minimizes the risk of fungus diseases of plants, protecting plants from the constant negative impact of condensate drops.

Increase of light transmission of greenhouse coatings by 50%.

The surface of the greenhouse retains its transparency, due to the fact that it practically does not form drops of condensate. Plants receive significantly more sunlight. Greenhouses treated with SUNMAX, significant improvement in plant development is constantly recorded, especially in winter. This leads to decrease in the need for the use of additional medicines.

Significantly reduced costs of heat in winter.

In order to reduce the humidity in the greenhouse, it is necessary to keep the ventilators (vents) open for a long time. This causes a violation of temperature conditions and an increase in heat energy costs. After the application of the SUNMAX, the treated surfaces dry out in a few minutes after opening the vents, as the condensate on them is formed not in the form of large drops, but in the form of a thin layer of moisture.

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Visual demonstration

Applying Sunmax

Dense condensate layer

Applying Sunmax 2

Dense condensate layer 2

Applying Sunmax 3

Dense condensate layer 3

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